Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hartley Market Flowers?

Hartley Market Flowers is a wholesale local flower collective that connects local growers in the Hamilton/GTA/Niagara/Guelph area to retail and event florists.


What is the difference between seasonal and local flowers?


There is often confusion around the idea of seasonal flowers and local flowers. Seasonal flowers are specific to local regions and climates. The term “in-season” is only relevant when referring to a specific location as anything can be “in-season” when you take into account the worldwide availability of products. Local flowers refer to flowers grown within a specific geographic location. In this case, southern Ontario. Local flowers, just like local produce, are fresher as they are not sprayed, packaged and shipped for long distances. There are also a number of flowers that are too delicate to ship and are only available from local flower growers, including cosmos and zinnias.


Why are local flowers important?


When you purchase from an Ontario grower, you are also supporting the local economy and/or a small business. From an environmental standpoint, when you choose locally grown, in season flowers, there is a smaller carbon footprint. You are also contributing to the local biodiversity and natural habitat that also supports local produce. Bees need flowers!


How do I know if I can join the market?


The market is trade only and is open to retail or event florists and local growers. If you are interested, please fill out an application (grower or buyer) and we will be in touch with more details.


I’m a buyer, what is the membership fee to purchase from the market?


The membership fee is $125/year and allows you to purchase through the market.


I’m a small-scale grower, can I still join the market?


Yes absolutely! We encourage growers of all sizes to join the market. A membership of $125/year is required for growers to join the market and be able to list available stock.


I’m a grower/florist, how do I join?


Please fill out our application form and we will provide more details on the structure and operation of the market.


How does the market work?


The market runs weekly on Wednesdays from May to October. Florists will have the opportunity to shop and pre-purchase local flowers through our website and then pickup their items the following Wednesday.


Where is the market located?


The market is located in Millgrove, just outside Waterdown. The closest major intersection is Highway 6 North and Highway 5 (Dundas Street).